SPC Flooring price As one of the top China 5mm Easy Install Vinyl Flooring suppliers, we sincerely recommend this 5mm Easy Install Vinyl Flooring to you. This floor has a high-quality wear layer that provides good abrasion resistance and is not prone to scratches and dents on the surface. In the case of sticky water, the floor has better anti-slip performance than ordinary floor materials, and the foot feels more astringent when stepped on, so it is very suitable for installation in areas where the elderly and children often move. In addition, the 5mm Easy Install Vinyl Flooring is made of high-quality raw materials, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary wood. It is easy to install and has the characteristics of easy cleaning. Generally, it can be cleaned with a mop; follow-up maintenance is also very simple. The floor is widely used in airports, hospitals, schools and other public places, and many families will also regard it as the first choice. The shop of the floor is installed, stick 1, choose the appropriate glue and scraper for stone plastic floor. 2, block material paste, please block material from the middle to both sides, the same ground and the back of the floor after cleaning adhesive paste. 3, different paste agent in the construction requirements will be different, please refer to the corresponding product instructions for construction. 4. The excess glue on the floor surface should be wiped off in time. The cleanness of the floor, maintain 1, stone plastic floor for indoor development and design, should not be laid in outdoor sites. 2, please according to the method recommended by the manufacturer, choose the corresponding detergent for regular cleaning and maintenance. 3, should avoid toluene, banana water and other high concentration of solvent and strong acid, strong alkali solution dumped on the floor surface, should avoid using inappropriate tools and sharp tools scraping or damage the floor surface. Product Name5mm Easy Install Vinyl Flooring ColorWe have several hundreds of color for your choice. Thickness3.2mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm Top Wearlayer0.1mm - 0.7mm Size1220mm*180mm, 1212mm*177mm, 1220mm*228mm, 1524mm*180mm, 935mm*150mm, 305mm*610mm (Customization is accepted) Surface TreatmentWood Grain, Stone, Embossed, Flat, EIR, Handscraped, Matt Materials100% Virgin Material Click SystemValinge, I4FSPC Flooring price website:http://www.river-flooring.com/spc-flooring/